Mine EOS with BCL & BitcoinTalk ANN Release

Here’s some exciting news – there are some big things happening at BitcoinLatina and we want to share them with you.

First things first, our ANN is live on BitcoinTalk! You can find it here. Please come comment and share your thoughts.

And equally big news, hold on to your hats: after discussions with our community, it was decided that BitcoinLatina will transition to an EOS-based coin when EOS launches in June. Wait, what?

You heard that right. We hope to be the first EOS blockchain to launch. Here’s all you need to know about our evolving Blockchain.

Every holder of BCL will be able to swap their coins for EOS-based coins when we launch the new blockchain. This will be a huge benefit to miners because EOS isn’t mineable, but by utilizing this strategy, miners and holders can use their accumulated coins to obtain our EOS-based coins or even become witnesses on the new network. This is currently the only proposed way for miners to obtain EOS-based coins through mining. We will nearly make EOS mineable.

As you might know, BitcoinLatina is committed to expanding the use of blockchain technology in Latin America. This remains our mission and our goal. EOS will help us to accomplish this goal because it’s better technology.

We think it’s extremely exciting that we are the first organization to announce intentions to launch an EOS blockchain. Thanks for supporting the BitcoinLatina Foundation, the evolving Blockchain of Latin America.

Read more about our transition on our FAQ.

Join the conversation on our Telegram group.

BitcoinLatina White Paper II, Airdrops & Access to BitShares from the BCL Wallet


We did figure out how to bank the unbanked utilizing BitShares and we will have to disclose this on Tuesday of this coming week as we found a much more elegant solution than the one we were going to announce. I can tell you that we have discovered the solution and now we are figuring out the best version of that solution. Regardless of the final result we HAVE found a way to bank the unbanked utilizing the existing BitShares network and we will announce this as soon as we can.

100% and 25% AIRDROPS
We will be providing a bonus set of coins to anyone who purchased coins on BitShares over the last two weeks. Those who owned coins as of last Sunday night at 11:59:59 will receive 100% additional BCL Tokens in their BitShares wallet in an airdrop tomorrow (Wednesday) and the a second snapshot will be taken tonight at 11:59:59pm PST, with the people owning the coins in the second snapshot receiving 25% more bonus BCL Tokens.

We sent a request to our mining community and received more than one hundred responses from miners who are interested in selling some of their BCL cryptocurrency. Our intention is to wait until Monday when we have all of your email address, BitShares addresses (you each must fill out a form we will send you) and provide you with tradable BCL Bonus Tokens so that you can cover electricity and other mining-related expenses. That said, it now appears that we may have a gateway from the BCL Wallet to BitShares in as little as a week and so everyone should have liquidity of all of your mined crypto when that occurs and we expect to list on more exchanges that are legally compliant.

The founders are meeting in Washington D.C. tomorrow and will be there through Saturday to welcome a very important new addition to our team. We expect to have an announcement about that trip immediately after and it should be a great way to kick off the week and truly set us apart as the top premium crypto in the world.

Thanks again for all of your patience and your dedication. We are thrilled at the speed with which the community is growing with miners, mining pools and volunteers who want to help us reach our goals of becoming the Blockchain of Latin America.


John Gotts
CEO – BitcoinLatina Foundation

BCL Miners & Early Volunteers Will Receive BCL Tokens on BitShares from the Founder’s Trust

THANKS to EVERYONE who has helped us grow and strengthen our community!!!

As a way to thank our early adopters we are going to be giving out free BCL Tokens on BitShares to all of our early miners & volunteers while we all wait for the atomic swap on BitShares, when everyone will be able to upload coins from their BCL Clavis Wallets.  We don’t have a date on the gateway being available but wanted people to be able to sell some coins and pay mining costs and for other work done as volunteers for the Foundation.  I am collecting miner emails and how many coins they’ve provably mined.  For anyone that has sent that by midnight tonight, PDT, I will respond with clear instructions to that email and I hope you’ve also registered at BitcoinLatina.org and claimed free tokens there too.

For everyone who signed up and registered your email on the BitCoinLatina website and created a BitShares wallet at BitShares.org (you must do both) we will be providing up to ten BCL coins into your BitcoinLatina Clavis Wallet and if you provide a BitShares Wallet address we will provide some BCL tokens to your BitShares Wallet too, so long as it wasn’t one of the many spam wallets created after the original announcement.  If you went to BitcoinLatina.org and filled in the form (after you click Claim Your Coins button) then you can expect to receive a form to the email address you provided in that form, with clear instructions on how to get coins.

To summarize:





John Gotts
CEO – BitcoinLatina Foundation

BitcoinLatina Awards Grant to Augmate to Promote Blockchain Development in Mexico

BitcoinLatina has awarded Augmate a grant to promote blockchain development in Latin America. BitcoinLatina provides blockchain solutions to scale Latin American consumer, enterprise, government, military, and university services and distributed applications. Its grant, which comes in the form of 1 million BCL crypto coins, will aid Augmate’s continued efforts to support infrastructure growth and entrepreneurship to develop the region as a global leader in blockchain innovation.

These coins will be provided from the BitcoinLatina Foundation’s venture arm BCL Ventures, with proceeds to be spent by Augmate on Latin American efforts over the next four years.  Five percent of the coins will be given to Augmate on March 1, 2018 and the balance, by the second, over the next four years.

“By growing the Latin America Blockchain, our focus is to create jobs and prosperity while helping citizens learn about the benefits of this emerging technology,” said John Gotts, Founder & CEO of BitcoinLatina. “We recognize Augmate as the obvious, clear leader in the IoT/blockchain space and laud Augmate’s efforts in this arena.  We are honored to provide our continued support.”

“Augmate recognizes the impact blockchain technology can bring at the local, national, and international level,” said Pete Wassell, CEO of Augmate. “We’re grateful for BitcoinLatina’s support, and look forward to continuing to promote entrepreneurial growth in Mexico and throughout Latin America.”

Final Days for 25% Bonus Coins

There was terrific response to the one-for-one bonus and nearly two million BTS were traded for BCL tokens at BitShares.org. Those people will receive double their coins at 12am on February 15th. I sort of expected people to then sell off some or most of those coins since they now have as many coming as a bonus; but almost none did. Literally only hundreds of BCL tokens were sold of the nearly 30,000 acquired by supporters over the weekend.

We now have another bonus reward for early oyster eaters and will provide an additional 25% more BCL coins to any BCL holders on Bitshares as of 11:59pm February 14th.

Thanks again for your support and here is the link to trade BitShares (BTS) for BitcoinLatina tokens (BCL):


What Happens to the Proceeds of the 1 Million BCL Token Trust, Rules for the One-for-One BCL/BitShares Airdrop & Free BitcoinLatina Coins

A trust account was created on BitShares.org with one million BCL tokens, provided by founders of the BitcoinLatina Foundation, from work they’ve done and for the benefit of the BitcoinLatina Foundation.  When the trust’s funds have been distributed the trust will be audited by a third party and the results provided publicly.

The BitcoinLatina Foundation

The Foundation provides BitcoinLatina cryptocurrency as a reward for work performed by volunteers, miners and developers.  The Foundation also provides grants to engineers, entrepreneurs and companies willing to help reach the Foundation’s goals of building the Blockchain of Latin America.  The Foundation will use some of the funds donated from the trust to prepare for and file for a Regulation A+, Title IV, Tier, II security offering.  

This is separate from the BitcoinLatina cryptocurrency and we hope to provide that offering as a separate IPO (yes, we said legal initial public offering of securities) by no later than the end of Q3 2018.  Other use of funds will include spreading the use and adoption of BitcoinLatina and covering the costs of accounting and an annual audit, among other things.  The foundation will receive the proceeds received by the trust, minus $350,000 to purchase a domain for the BitShares network, and this percentage of the coin comes from three of the nucleus founder’s earned coins.

The BitShares Network

We have committed to purchasing the BitShares.com domain for $350,000 so that the domain may be utilized by the BitShares Community (it is currently parked and that is the agreed to sales price by the current domain owner).

To Redeem the one-for-one BCL tokens:

  1. Visit BitcoinLatina.org
  2. Click on the Claim Your Coins button
  3. Fill in and confirm your email
  4. Join our Telegram channel

In the Telegram Channel on February 14 starting at 11:59pm PDT instructions will be given on how to receive your extra BCL tokens.

Additionally, when anyone registers at BitcoinLatina.org after clicking the Claim Your Coins button you can earn up to ten free BCL coins for volunteering and other things that through your involvement will build, strengthen and grow the BitcoinLatina Community.

Bitshares links:
Set up a Bitshares.org account

Buy BCL tokens on BitShare

BitcoinLatina Foundation Commits One Million BCL Coins to Topia Technology

BitcoinLatina is pleased to announce the grant of one million coins to Topia Technology.  Founded in 1999, Topia Technology is a global leader in securely moving and managing data in complex distributed environments. Topia’s military-grade security platform, Secrata, is the only triple-layer enterprise security platform providing encryption and separation end-to-end, protecting against brute force attacks and more innovate security threats. It offers unparalleled security, flexibility and performance for US government agencies such as the Air Force, Army, FAA and TSA and other enterprises that require security coupled with strict performance metrics. In 2018, Topia will launch TopiaCoin, combining blockchain with the proven security of Secrata to enable unmatched protection of any digital asset in a decentralized architecture. Learn more: topiatechnology.com.

“We are committed to working with the blockchain community to advance data security,” said Janine Terrano, Topia Technology CEO. “We are excited to partner with an existing customer, BitcoinLatina Foundation, to bring data security to decentralized systems. This partnership represents a giant step forward in enabling consumers and enterprises to use the resources on the Internet without going through a central authority.”

“BitcoinLatina understands the critical need to provide end-to-end safe data transfer and storage to our community and our clients,” said John Gotts, Founder & CEO of BitcoinLatina. “Whether individuals, enterprises, academic institutions or governments in Latin America, we will always do everything in our power to make sure that our client’s data is safe and that they can move it from point-to-point with confidence that it will not be corrupted, stolen or lost.  We are always eager to work with reputable, ethical companies in the blockchain space and believe that Janine and the team at Topia Technology, with nearly two decades of experience working with different branches of the US military, are partners we can trust.”

BitcoinLatina Foundation and CubeCab To Launch 300 Satellite Network to Support BCL Blockchain

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA: Building on the promises of Bitcoin, the BitcoinLatina Foundation announced it is planning on constructing a private satellite constellation dedicated to facilitate the use of uninterrupted distributed applications across its distributed peer-to-peer computer network.  The Foundation’s launch provider, CubeCab, will use this constellation to demonstrate a very high launch rate, an achievement long known to be necessary to significantly reduce cost of access to Earth orbit.

“Latin American has many areas with poor Internet access,” said John Gotts, CEO of the BitcoinLatina Foundation.  “Internet access is usually required to make use of distributed applications on blockchains such as BitcoinLatina, so we are developing satellites and cheap, easy to use ground terminals to bypass the problem.  Previous attempts at satellite-enabled cryptocurrencies have mostly failed for want of monetization, but a network dedicated to financial transactions has several easy solutions to pay for itself.”

The initial constellation of three hundred satellites, to be deployed 2020-2022, will entail three hundred flights of CubeCab’s Cab-3A launch vehicle.  The Cab-3A is designed to place individual satellites weighing up to 5 kilograms (CubeSats) into Low Earth Orbit (LEO).  “SpaceX made huge strides in the satellite industry by increasing its launch rate to about two dozen a year, but far more is needed,” said Adrian Tymes, CEO of CubeCab.  “There is demand for over one hundred CubeSat launches per year and this is an underserved Market.  So we made the Cab-3A to the serve the existing market need, and sure enough, customers have come calling.”

As to this deal, Tymes noted, “Launching to LEO will ease latency and replacement. These 300 satellites are just the first version of their constellation, to be upgraded after they see how people use the network. There is demand for over one hundred CubeSat launches per year, and this is an underserved market. So we made the Cab-3A to the serve the existing market need, and sure enough, customers have come calling.”

Go to http://bitcoinlatina.org/ to learn more or to contact the Foundation.

Go to http://cubecab.com/ for information about CubeCab.

BitcoinLatina is on Bitshares – How to trade it?

We are happy to confirm that you can trade BitcoinLatina (BCL) now on Bitshares:
Check it out here

How to trade BCL on Bitsthares? We have created this first set of guides to help you to open an account on Bitshares and start trading BitcoinLatina.

Choose your best format to learn how to register and buy BitcoinLatina on Bitshares:

  • Bitcoin Latina Bitshares Tutorial – PDF
  • Bitcoin Latina Bitshares Tutorial – PPT

Bitcoin Latina – Bitshares Tutorial Video:

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The BitcoinLatina Team

It begins

Four years ago I started SmartContract Exchange, which became an hedge fund, Stokens.com

I met top attorneys at major law firms in securities and crypto, responsible for the largest ICOs, and I learned that securities and commodities are not a gray area.

I met founders of Ripple/Stellar, Ethereum, ETC/Cardano, IOTA, Dash, Lisk, BitShares, GameCredits/MobileGo, Radium, Peercoin, Dogecoin, Steem, Stratis/NXT, Auger, HumanIQ, Golem, which I invited to a brotherhood that ultimately became the Tokens & Exchange Self-Regulating Body, the first crypto self-regulating body https://TXSRB.org

Our attorneys are ex-SEC/Capitol Hill lawyers, who wrote much of the JOBS Act, specifically Regulation A+ Title IV, Tier II, allowing the public to participate in startups and trade those securities on a peer-to-peer or National Market.  I am without doubt one of if not the foremost expert on legal ICOs. With unequaled knowledge accumulated from the smartest most successful people in securities and crypto, we launched our own legal commodity token, BitcoinLatina(BCL).  In ten weeks we attracted a 100+ person army of unequaled talent to create the most valuable coin in crypto, doing more social good than any alt-coin before.

We are now live:  https://bitcoinlatina.org