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Educating and Empowering Latin America

through Blockchain Education

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Seasoned Team

John Gotts IS the world’s foremost expert on Compliant Coins and co-wrote the most comprehensive memorandum to-date on the subject of compliant coins.  Over the last four years he’s exchanged knowledge with many of the top attorneys in securities & cryptocurrencies, including firms like Cooley, K&L Gates, Pillsbury, Perkins Coie, Paul Hastings, and Hughes, Hubbard & Reed (HHR).  He has conferred with brilliant legal minds, from a current deep bench of top retired US, DOJ & SEC Attorneys at HHR, to a retired SEC Commissioner, whom John considers a personal friend.

He’s had deep-dive discussions with pioneers of crypto like Nick Szabo who invented smart contracts (possibly is the real brains behind Ethereum) and in John’s opinion most certainly is THE “Satoshi”behind Bitcoin, Jed McCaleb of Ripple & Stellar, Ned Scott of Steemit, Charles Hoskinson of BitShares, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic & Cardano, Ryan Taylor of Dash, Sergey Sholom of MobileGo & GameCredits, Zvonimir (PeerChemist) of PeerCoin and so many other brilliant minds, who literally pioneered crypto, many of whom with which he started the first self-regulating body in crypto, which he then closed when he realized everything is already a security or commodity in the purview of the SEC, CFTC, FINRA & FINCEN.  John is a whistleblower and has been actively helping the SEC/DOJ/FBI on important crypto cases involving bad characters who have and are hurting the Crypto Community.

The members of his advisory team and attorney have known him for a combined time of nearly 100 years.John is known best for his honesty, hard work and passion for entrepreneurial endeavors. John started his first business at age seven, shoveling snow, and has been a founder/CEO for nearly forty years of many successful businesses as well as many failures.  John leads a team of nearly 70 volunteers at BitcoinLatina.

Roel C. Campos is the attorney for BitcoinLatina, DAX88, and John Gotts.  He is a partner in Hughes, Hubbard and Reed’s Washington, DC, office and is Chair of the Securities Enforcement practice. Roel’s practice consists of advising senior management and boards in their most sensitive and complex issues. His practice often involves conducting internal investigations and defending matters involving financial regulators, such as the SEC, DOJ, CFTC, and FINRA. He also advises boards on items such as cybersecurity, governance, cryptocurrency and proposed rulemakings by financial regulators.

Beginning in 2002, Roel was appointed twice by President George W. Bush and confirmed by the US Senate as a Commissioner of the SEC, serving until 2007. During his tenure, Roel presided over hundreds of complex enforcement cases and rulemakings, involving the full range of federal securities laws.

Prior to being appointed to the SEC, Roel raised venture capital with partners, was a senior executive and operated a radio broadcasting company.

David Bolocan serves as Managing Director at Argus Information & Advisory Services, LLC. Mr. Bolocan joined Argus to lead Retail Solutions which includes the Deposit Accounts Payment Study and retail banking client delivery groups. He has over 20 years of experience in retail banking and payments, with extensive expertise in deposit product development, pricing, marketing, advertising, distribution, customer segmentation, lifecycle management and portfolio management.

Prior to joining Argus, he served as an Executive Vice President of Bank of America and its predecessor, MBNA from 2001 to 2006 and also served as it’s CMO of Small Business Lending. Since 2008, Mr. Bolocan served as a Consumer Banking Products Executive/Head of Consumer Deposit Products at Sun Trust. He served as a Consumer Banking Products Executive at Washington Mutual from 2007 to 2008 and JP Morgan Chase from 2006 to 2007.

Mr. Bolocan served as Head of Small Business Credit Products, Pricing and Analytics at JPM Chase. He has held consulting positions at Mercer Management Consulting, Mitchell Madison Group and AlixPartners. He serves as a Director of Tsingda eEDU Corporation. He served as an Independent Director of Cellular Biomedicine Group Inc. since October 4, 2013 until September 21, 2016.

He is the author of ten books on popular business software packages. He is a Retail Banking and Market Executive. Mr. Bolocan holds an MBA and MS from Mit Sloan School Of Management; Master Degree in Management Sciences from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science and Economics from Harvard University.

Oregon State Representative Sal Esquivel is an American Republican politician from the US state of Oregon. He serves in the Oregon House of Representatives and is passionate about helping families succeed.

His wife Jan Esquivel has worked with Sal at the Oregon Capital during his time in office and has been an terrific supporter of BitcoinLatina since its first days.  She is an active member of the BitcoinLatina Community and has a great interest in how it will help promote a stronger trade partner with the United States and its potential to lift families up, provide blockchain education to students and a path forward towards prosperity, wealth and health.

Sal and Jan are trusted friends of John Gotts and BitcoinLatina, and are credited for their non-stop work in helping people in Oregon and now across the world with this worthwhile cause.

Idaho State Senator Marv Hagedorn is a six-year conservative member of the Idaho House of Representatives, Marv Hagedorn served on the Joint Finance Appropriations Committee, Transportation and Defense, Resources and Conservation and Business committees.  He now has served in the Idaho Senate on the Health and Welfare, Judiciary and Rules, Resources & Environment, Transportation committees and State Affairs.

He has been assigned as the Vice Chairman to many of these committees.  Marv also served as a Precinct Committeeman, District Chairman and Ada County Vice Chairman of the GOP Central Committee, Co-Chaired the State Central Committee Rules and Platform Committees and has always been involved in local and State conservative issues.

He is also a co-founder of the Wyakin Foundation, that developed and operates the Academy for transitioning of wounded warriors coming home.  This is a multi-tiered mentorship, professional development and education program supporting America’s wounded veterans. The program supports our nation’s heroes to attend college and specialized leadership development programs at various colleges and universties while assisting them in their transition from military duty to becoming community leaders in the private sector.  The Wyakin Foundation has been supported by and named “Best in Class” by the USO.

Marv has been a supporter of the BitcoinLatina Community since its first days and has a great interest in how it will help promote a stronger trade partner with the United States and its potential to lift families up, provide blockchain education to students and a path forward towards prosperity, wealth and health.

Utah State Representative Lee Perry was an Eagle Scout; Past President, Utah Highway Patrol Association and Utah Hope Project; Coordinator, UHPA/UHP Memorial Cross; Member, Law Enforcement Torch Run for Special Olympics Utah Executive Council; Shop With a Cop Coordinator, 2003-present; Chair, Adele C. Young Intermediate School Community Council, 2008-09; Boy Scouts of America; Northern Utah Volunteer of the Year for Special Olympics; Award of Excellence for developing UHP Citizens Police Academy; Service recognition award from the 388th Fighter Wing at Hill Air Force Base for dedicated service; Peer Support Member of the Utah Critical Incident Stress Management Team.

Lee has been a supporter of the BitcoinLatina Community since its first days and has a great interest in how it will help promote a stronger trade partner with the United States and its potential to lift families up, provide blockchain education to students and a path forward towards prosperity, wealth and health.

New Mexico State Representative Bill Rehm began his community service in 1973 by joining the Bernalillo County Sheriff Department. In 1976 to 1979 Bill was a member of the Albuquerque Police Department. In 1984 Bill returned to the Bernalillo County Sheriff Department. Highlighting some of Bill’s service, he was a member of the fatal traffic crash unit, auto theft, narcotics unit and internal affairs, to name a few assignments. 1995 Bill graduated from the FBI National Academy. Bill was honored by the Bernalillo County Sheriff Department with the Julian Narvaez Memorial Award and was the Deputy of the Quarter. The Albuquerque Police Department awarded Bill a Medal of Meritorious Service for his service to the community as an officer with their agency. Bill retired in 2000 as a Captain and continues his community service as a (volunteer) member of the Bernalillo County Sheriff Reserve Unit.  

Bill continues as a law enforcement instructor for the New Mexico Law Enforcement Academy. In the 1990’s Bill instructed Traffic Investigation and Enforcement for the Albuquerque Technical Vocational Institute (CNM). Bill was a soccer coach, referee, coach instructor, referee instructor, for girls and boy teams and an AYSO Board Member. Bill has been a volunteer committee member with the NM Game and Fish Habitat Improvement Committee.  

In 2006 Bill became a member of the New Mexico House of Representatives. Currently he is the senior Republican member of the House Judiciary Committee and is a member of the Voters and Elections Committee. When the Legislature is out of session he is a member of the Courts and Corrections Committee and an advisory member to the Rural and Economic Development and Pension Oversight Committees. Since 1986 Bill has lived within House District 31 and thus understands its needs. Today Bill is a small business owner and testifies as an expert witness in traffic crash cases.

Bill has been a supporter of the BitcoinLatina Community since its first days and has a great interest in how it will help promote a stronger trade partner with the United States and its potential to lift families up, provide blockchain education to students and a path forward towards prosperity, wealth and health.

The BitcoinLatina Volunteers now represent nearly 70 people globally and their ranks grow daily.

Those volunteers do everything from logo and artwork, website design and functionality, development, translations, bounty hunters and managers, national ambassadors and more.  This is the BitcoinLatina Family/Army and it is made of people who are honest and who care.

During the beta-coin phase (BCL) there were many on the team who had their own self-interests in mind and hurt the Community.  Rather than moving forward with that group, John fired nearly all of them and started fresh, understanding that without trust there can be no Community.  John made sure to cover all of the original coin holders with new BTCL coins on a cost-basis and for miners on total coins mined from the original Ethereum-forked beta coin.  

This is the best team in crypto by many standards and is a poster child for Crypto 2.0 Compliant Coins.

Compliant Volunteer Cryptocurrency


BitcoinLatina cryptocurrency is earned by volunteers and then sold to people who support their efforts.  The ultimate goal is to teach blockchain to the students of Latin America and as they learn they earn BTCL cryptocurrency.  As they teach others they earn more.  If they learn to build decentralized applications or to develop or maintain the BitcoinLatina Community’s EOS-based blockchain they can earn even more.

Ultimately, the goal is that those students and others globally will contribute time and effort, hardware, software, electricity, internet connectivity, time, expertise and a willingness to create a Latin American-based blockchain community that grows together.  We want to see the development of blockchain education across Latin America and the BitcoinLatina cryptocurrency represents that effort.

BitcoinLatina will apply for a SEC-approved Regulation A+, security tokens (stokens) they may be listed for public trading.  Until then the business side of the BitcoinLatina Foundation is managed by the BitcoinLatina Foundation of Nevada, a for-profit benefit company in the United States and all work is done by Volunteers who earn BTCL coins for their effort.

We will use KYC/AML (know your customer & anti-money laundering) practices and all users of the free exchange will have to prove their identity before they will be allowed to trade any coins on the free DAX88.com peer-to-peer exchange.



One of the things that has slowed the growth of retail clients entering the digital asset market has been anonymity.  

We insist on knowing our clients and bad behavior is not allowed.  We respect the authority of the Securities & Exchange Commission, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, FINRA & FINCEN and always strive to stay dead-center of the bright yellow lines of compliance.​

If we suspect there is bad behavior we will contact the proper authorities immediately.  Cryptocurrency and stokens have a bright future and need no cloudy days resulting from bad characters.​

By holding all members to this standard (KYC/AML will cost $2 for processing and is a one-time fee) we will do our best to provide a fair place for free trading of compliant digital assets.  This will be done at the DAX88.com exchange on or before August 1, 2018 and before any coins are provided to buyers.

Accredited Investors


There are securities and there are commodities.

Securities represent equity in an organization, something that pays a dividend and other definitions.  Those are to be traded amongst only accredited investors and often have time restrictions as to when it may be sold by the original buyer.  If there is a JOBS Act-approved by the SEC digital security it would be allowed amongst both accredited and non-accredited buyers and sellers in the United States.

Currently the inventory we will allow for trading will include only commodity coins, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, BitcoinLatina, DAX88…, with more expected to be added in September.  FOR THESE COINS YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE ACCREDITED TO TRADE IN THE UNITED STATES.

Invitation Only Until August 1, 2018


On July 4, 2018 DAX88.com initiated an open membership drive, which will end on August 1 at 1AM EST.

After August 1, 2018 membership at the DAX88.com Exchange will be by invitation-only, with an $8.80 monthly membership fee for service & support.  Trading is between peers and is free of any fees.  DAX88 does not make markets nor serve in any capacity as a broker/dealer.  DAX88 does not provide financial advice nor does it provide trading or legal advice.  The only fees charged are for service and support of members globally in an ongoing manner.

Purchase Volunteer Coins



Latin American Blockchain Education
EOS-Based Blockchain Clone (when ready)​

Maximum coins in circulation as of August 1:
Up to 250 million BTCL coins​

Total Coin Valuation as of August 1:
Valuation will be determined by the total deposited in the EOS-style auction between July 4 and August 1, 2018 divided by the total 250 million available coins.​

Maximum issuable BTCL coins:
250 million coins in Volunteer Coin Offering until September 22.

5 billion EOS-based coins may enter the market annually for one hundred years

Total issuable BTCL: 500 billion over 100 hundred years

Currently 250 million at minimum $0.01/coin ($2.5 million)

The Auction ending August 1, 2018 will divide what was deposited in BTC & LTC by the total 250 million available coins to set the fair value
(minimum $2.5 million at $0.01/coin).

25 billion coins will be provided to founding team members over 4 years:
2.5% of those coins may be issued the first year, 5% second year, 7.5% third year, 10% of original total forth year.  No limitations on sales after the fourth year.  Coins shall be distributed on a daily basis; the exception is accredited investors buying and holding coins until the end of the four year period set for each founder.

Delegates receive inflationary coins totaling 2,200 coins daily, 800,712 per year for providing the DAX88 decentralized network and confirming transactions.

To purchase coins you will need to register at DAX88.com and create a DAX88 Wallet for your BTCL deposit on August 1, 2018.  As was done in the EOS coin offering, you may fill in the form and deposit up the the entire amount that is available, up to $2.5 million from July 4 until August 1, 2018 at 12am EST.  At that point the total value of buy orders will be divided by the 250 million coins available to set the price, with a minimum price of $0.01/coin, or $2.5 million in BTC and/or LTC for 250 million coins, but if $10 million was to be deposited the price per coin would be $0.04/coin.  

This is how EOS performed their ICO from June 1, 2017 to June 1, 2018.

On August 1, 2018 at 12am EST the auction will end and BTCL coins will be deposited to the buyer’s DAX88 wallets and they will begin trading, paired with BTC, LTC and other commodity coins that are offered at DAX88.

You may use Bitcoin or Litecoin to purchase BTCL.