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BitcoinLatina locally, code, refer friends and more to earn coins.

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Learn & Teach

Earn coins learning and teaching

others about BitcoinLatina.

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Learn to build useful applications on our blockchain, then win grants,

guidance and funding to build them into companies.

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Coin Value

Bitcoin and all altcoins represent

the perceived value of a community,

its network & mission.

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Labor Value

BitcoinLatina represents eight

hours of labor by volunteers at

no less than $1.11/hour or $8.88.


Volunteer Coin Sales

Coins are available with

KYC/AML for either fiat

or approved cryptocurrency.

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Compliant Crypto

BitcoinLatina is a pioneer in the compliant coin category, being

among the first to embrace the rules, regulations & laws of the

SEC, CFTC & global regulatory bodies.

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